September Newsletter

Aaaaaaaand, we’re back!

First, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone for your prayers and encouragement from last month, regarding the passing of my great aunt and my teaching opportunity. My hope is that, in both her funeral and my class, God was glorified and made much of.

Also, I’d like to share with you a video (this will take you to Youtube) I made that quickly illustrates how and why I believe we must all be the Church*. I’m no Spielberg, but please don’t let the simplicity of this video detract from the powerful message and call to action. If you have questions, please send them my way. I hope, more than anything, that it challenges and encourages you!

Why stop with a video?? I’ve also got this new blog!! “A new blog, Trey? Really?? Isn’t that a little unnecessary?” Well, maybe. But, there will be two major differences between the new blog and the old blog: a) the old blog will be maintained and updated by me AND Margaret, whereas this new blog will solely be about the internship/residency and other goofy random things, and b) this blog has an Online Giving tab.

“What? Online Giving, you say?” Yep. It’s finally here. No more filling out cards with intern numbers, writing checks, buying envelopes and stamps, or trips to the post office. You can simply go to the new blog, click “Online Giving”, then click the “Support Trey” link, fill out your amount for a one time gift OR recurring monthly giving. You fill out your credit card info, on this secure site, just like you would online bill-pays, and it will take care of the rest, automatically drafting it from your account each month and sending email receipts. No more setting monthly reminders to write out those checks!

Margaret and I know that we’re asking so much from you, through which we have been tremendously blessed, and we hope that this new tool brings convenience to the cumbersome, existing process. The truth is we’re starting at ground zero. We raised everything we needed  for the three month internship and are now starting over, but this time for twelve months. There’s no other way to say it but that we need you guys. We will both be starting part-time work soon (Margaret will be teaching cycling classes at UT and I will be working for one of our pastor’s sisters). Believe me when I say that we believe in what God is doing at and through the Austin Stone Community Church, which is why I am giving it this coming year of my life-that I might be a part of the work He is doing to redeem and renew our city and the nations-and we hope you will be a part of it with us!



ps-feel free to help create buzz about my internship/residency by posting the link to the new blog ( on YOUR facebook pages, gchat statuses, twitter accounts, etc. Thanks!

*Disclaimer: the video points out that 20% of the 40% of Americans who attend church, are also actively involved. This means that only 2% of America is actively engaged in the work of their churches!!! Our hope is that Missional Communities will engage the 80% not participating and ultimately engage those who don’t attend church at all.


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