My cousin, Glynn (the guy in the baseball tee), and I (tall, goofy guy on the left) went down to San Antonio this past Saturday, to play basketball with our cousins, Michael, Stephen, and Buzz (left three on the front row), their friend Pierce (front right), and our uncle, Danny (old guy in the back).

I honestly have no idea when I played basketball last but as you guessed by the title of this post, I was the leading air baller on my team. Determined not to lose all dignity on the court, I punished everyone with my defense…I mean, sure these guys weren’t more than 5’2” but that’s not my fault.

Aside from the fun that was had that day, I learned a valuable lesson: don’t take two year breaks between playing basketball and then play for two hours straight. HOLY hamstrings, my body was killing me for the next two days.

To the Kofos boys: Glynn and I had a great time, and we plan on coming back for a rematch!


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