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8.10.11 Elizabeth “Ellie” Grace Low is Born

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{From my journal entry: 8.11.11}
Today is the day. At 2:20 this morning, Margaret woke up wondering if her water broke. She called the doctor’s office, to play it safe. Surprised to hear our doctor’s voice, rather than a nurse, she was told to come to the hospital to run some tests.

We packed our bags, said ‘bye’ to Baxter, and drove up to St. David’s North.

By 5:15am, we were in Triage.

By 6am, we were in our delivery room with confirmation: Ellie is on her way.

Because Margaret’s water broke prematurely (as in, not coupled with frequent or intense contractions), there was a concern about possible infection. The plan was to let things progress naturally for a few hours, and see if her body was able to dilate any further on its own. If not, they would administer Pitocin.

By 8am, they began Pitocin (a very mild dose, we later discovered), and the contractions began to pick up in frequency and intensity.

By 10am, Margaret had had enough of trying to go “o naturale.” So, she ordered theEpidural.

At 10:40am, the Epidural was administered and the pain of contractions quickly became a thing of the past.

Around this time, Mark and Janet arrived to Austin. At 11am, I went to the waiting room to eat, while they came in to visit with Margaret. They stayed for about 30 minutes, before leaving to grab lunch. When they left, I went back to our room and Margaret and I took naps.

Around 12:30pm, Dr. Garza woke us up from our naps and began to check to see how Margaret was dilating. Surprise: the Petocin worked! She was at 10cm. It was time to deliver Ellie.

Before I left the room to get Janet, Devin prayed over us, thanking God for His mercy in bringing the labor along so smoothly. As he and the nurses prepared for delivery, I went to get Janet.

Completely shocked that it was “go time,” she grabbed my side saying, “Are you serious??” She gave her things to (“Papa”) Mark, who jumped up with excitement yet restrained to his waiting room boundaries, wished us luck and anxiously awaited our return.

By 12:50pm, Margaret began pushing.
By 12:58pm, I texted my parents, almost to Austin from Houston, saying, “Ellie is almost here!”
At 1:08pm, Elizabeth (“Ellie”) Grace Low was born.

5lbs, 11oz.
18 inches
Completely healthy.

God is good.

Ellie came peacefully and left Margaret without any need for stitches. The doctor and nurses were laughing at how easy the delivery was, how little (to no) medical attention Margaret needed, and how incredibly small Margaret already was post-delivery. They all joked as if she hadn’t even had a baby that day. And the other pregnant or recent mothers probably would not like to see how skinny she was, so avoid them if possible.

At about 2:15pm, my mom, dad, and Annie arrived to the hospital, and (“Uncle”) Mark was just behind them, from Corpus Christi. Together, our families had an opportunity to enjoy our time with Ellie before they took her away to be bathed.

During her bath, Margaret was moved over to the post partum room. It was much smaller, and got only smaller as more family was soon to arrive.

By 3pm, Betsy, Michael, Stephen, and Buzz arrived from San Antonio with a ballon, pink Teddy bear, and bubble gum cigars in hand.

By 4:30pm, Mimi, Kathy, and Lorry arrived from Corpus Christi. All the girls cried when Mimi held Ellie for the first time…including Mimi.

At 6:15pm, we started the first feeding. Everyone left while Margaret received the breast feeding instructions that we were supposed to receive that night at the breast feeding class we were scheduled to attend. I suppose labor is an acceptable reason to miss a class.

After the feeding, everyone came in to say one final “goodbye” for the night, including late edition to the entourage, cousin Kevin who drove down from Dallas.

Once everyone left, we began texting friends with the news. Soon after the texting, Margaret posted the news on Facebook, eliciting many responses, and James Summers told Twitter. Alas, the world can rest: all major social networking platforms were employed.

From this point on, Ellie was prescribed feeding orders of every three hours. She listens very well, and eats like a champ…goodbye sleep.

As Margaret and I reflected on the day’s events, we were so thankful for God’s mercy. There are so many things that need to go right in a pregnancy and a delivery, and for His name’s sake He gave us a wonderful gift that included careful attention to all of these fine details.For His name’s sake He gave us family that loves like a hurricane. For His name’s sake He gave us a doctor that loves Jesus, to guide us and pray for us. For His name’s sake He gave us a beautiful little girl to shepherd and love and, Lord willing, lead to a life of faith and obedience in her wonderful Creator.

She is not our daughter. She belongs to her heavenly Father, and we are blessed to be able to care for her while she is here on earth. We pray constantly for her salvation and that she would be an instrument of grace in her Father’s hands – an agent of reconciliation.