Have you heard of Verge?

For the last month and half, I’ve been working part-time for Verge Network. Verge is a network of networks. That’s right, we network with other networks of leading evangelical leaders, authors, thinkers, practitioners, etc. on a wide range of topics, namely, missional community.

Verge also hosts an annual conference. The purpose of the conference is the same as the online presence – to expose people to the call of the church to live on mission. This year Verge is partnering with another conference called “Exponential”. Find out more about it here.

My role in all of this has been to manage the site content. In other words, I connect with these leaders to collaborate on new material for our website. We (Verge) provide the topic, they (the leaders) provide the material. We then use our national platform – both the website and the conferences – to publish these resources.

So far, it’s been very fast-paced but I’ve really enjoyed my team and the nature of the work. Best of all, I’m being challenged in my love for the Gospel, for God, and for others. This new opportunity has been a huge blessing.

I’ve also been very convicted lately, in the midst of the busyness of juggling three jobs, weekly bible studies and discipleship, attempting a social life, being a husband, and preparing to be a father, that I often default to operating on my own strength. This is a very dangerous default.

In the I-guess-I’ll-try-to-take-this-on-all-by-myself mode, I begin to see people as tasks, looking through them and not listening, worried, if not upset, that these few moments are getting in the way of all that I need to get done. Stressed that I will let myself and others down. Neglecting time in the Word, in order to get my tasks done, hardly stopping to ask God for the strength to do any of this.

My worth and your worth is not found in what we can get done. The number of tasks that I’ve accomplished don’t impress God. Even my “good” days are often offensive to God because my motives are so misplaced (Isa. 64:6; 58). What impresses God the Father is His son, Jesus. God’s after my heart and if my heart has nothing to do with loving Jesus, then God is probably not pleased by it…and I’m foolishly working for the approval of men (Gal. 1:10).

The good news remains that Christ has purchased my soul with His blood and my life is hidden with Him in God (Col. 3:3). This love and costly grace gives incredible significance to my life and should be the inspiration for all that I do.

Now, I can work hard and love much because Christ has loved much and purchased all the approval and comfort and control and whatever else it might be that I would seek on my own. Once again, the bible frees and motivates.


What about you? What are some things that distract you or keep you from time with God or time with family? When do you find comfort or a sense of accomplishment?

Temptation: Discipline After Failure

This sermon is a great reminder of the love God has for His children, particularly through His righteous discipline. Give it a listen!

Temptation: Jesus Our Grace Giver

Please, please, please check out this sermon from Sunday. It is such a great reminder that God sympathizes with our every temptation, and that He is sufficient in our times of need.

We are so convinced that we can handle life on our own, but if you’re really honest with yourself, you know that’s just not true.

The World-Famous Lows

Margaret and I are so blessed to have the friends and family that we have, and we wanted to share some of our experiences with YOU! Over the year, our families have made it possible for us to travel for some of our dear friends’ weddings…all of which were amazing. So, here are some photos of our travels through 2010, friends included.