Happy Birthday, Margaret!!!

Happy Birthday, Margaret!

Margaret turns 27 today, so be sure to email, text, call, tweet, facebook, letter (can we make that a verb now?) her to let her know you care.

She is truly amazing and I’m so proud of her as a wife, student, athlete, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law, neighbor, counselor, avid grocery shopper, mentor, confused-sleeper-not-fully-narcoleptic-not-fully-insomniac, listener, beauty, comedian, soon-to-be-mother, and ultimately, a daughter of the one, true God.

When Cameras Attack

When Margaret was in college the first time around, she took a photography class. After that semester, the camera was tucked away in a drawer, presumably, for good. But then she got married.

I’ve always been fascinated by well-shot photos; they come from a tradition of well-told tales. And whether I’m telling a story or consuming one, it’s one of my favorite experiences.

The thing about stories is that they take time; time to tell and time to appreciate. Whether it be a weathered cathedral, a masterful painting, an entrancing photograph, or a rich story, I enjoy taking the time to observe the many details. If I know the story, I try to imagine being there; if I don’t, I try to create one.

My dad asked me, when I was seven years old, “What’s one thing God has blessed you with?” And I replied, “Imagination!”

Some days I find this frustrating and some days I find it life-giving. As wonderful as this world is, God has given me a wonder and longing for an even better world. In a sense I feel like I am appreciating things that will go unnoticed by the rest of the world. Yet, in another sense, I achingly long for the world to come.

There is a tension in which I think all Christians live: to love this world not more than the next, and yet long for the next without missing the present. Chesterton said,

“Can he hate it [this world] enough to change it, and yet love it enough to think it worth changing? Can he look up at it’s colossal good without once feeling acquiescence? Can he look up at its colossal evil without once feeling despair?…Is he enough of a pagan to die for the world, and enough of a Christian to die to it?” (Orthodoxy: Image Books; Doubleday, 2001.)

How we respond comes from our identity. We are here for a reason, and should not lose sight of it for the details. And we are daily being beckoned by the world to come.

We are all telling a story with our lives. What story are you telling with your life? Why are you telling that particular story?


For fun, I’ve included the first roll of photos I took on Margaret’s old camera. I found the manual online and taught myself the mechanics, but I still have a ways to go, when it comes to form. Enjoy!

(remember, it’s not a digital camera and it was my first time shooting, so I had no idea what they were going to look like. play nice)



Baby Time!!!

Say whaaaaaaaaat?????

As Margaret announced today on Facebook, we are indeed pregnant (you’re supposed to say “we”)!!!

With lingering symptoms, Margaret decided it was time to take a pregnancy test, and low and behold we discovered Christmas Day that she is, in fact, pregnant (talk about a Christmas gift!). I acted as the second opinion on the test results, and when the verdict was decided that the vertical line, as faint as it may be, was in fact a positive, we had to hold on tight to each other, if for no other reason than to keep our hearts from bursting through our chests.

We took a few moments to breathe, lay down, and pray together, thanking God for this amazing gift, while also confessing (if not demanding…) that God is sovereign and that he is in complete control of our lives…because let’s face it, we’re not exactly “financially-baby-ready” at the moment. After we caught our breath, we told our parents and were greatly encouraged by the tears of joy and the excitement in their voices.

God has shown himself faithful over and over again in our lives, whether we praise him for it or not, and he has already begun to bless us in this process. He has given us a doctor that is a strong man of God, who is an elder at our church and has shown us unbelievable kindness and generosity both financially and prayerfully. Margaret and I want to ask you, the reader, to pray for him and ask God to bless his ministry and his practice, and that God would guide him as he cares for our baby and one day delivers him/her. Our doctor’s name is Dr. Devin Garza.

There’s so much more to say, so I’ll stop here and update you with more over the next few days, weeks, months. Baby Low is due around September 4th, so get excited world. We are!

Over the Rhine: The Long Surrender

Over the Rhine released their new album today, called “The Long Surrender.”

I fell in love with these guys after hearing their album “Ohio.” In fact, it may be one of my top five favorite albums of all time. And, from what I’ve heard of this latest record, it seems to be another winner.

Please, please go and see them live and buy their records.


ps-I have one poster in mine and Margaret’s house that I got to keep from my bachelor days…it’s an Over the Rhine poster. Just sayin’!

The World-Famous Lows

Margaret and I are so blessed to have the friends and family that we have, and we wanted to share some of our experiences with YOU! Over the year, our families have made it possible for us to travel for some of our dear friends’ weddings…all of which were amazing. So, here are some photos of our travels through 2010, friends included.