Photo of the Week: Sunny Seats

Table for Two

Corpus Christi, 2011

Photo of the Week: Clouds, Mountains, Plains

Colorado, 2011

Colorado, 2011

Photo of the Week: Pyramide

Paris, 2008

Photo of the Week: Density

San Francisco 2010

San Francisco, 2010

Photo of the Week: J-24

Lake Travis, 2012

Photo of the Week: High-Hanging Fruit

Corpus Christi, 2010

Speaking of grapefruit, if you haven’t checked out my wife’s NEW blog, you should! Read her post on grapefruit, here.

Photo of the Week: L’arlequin Assis

One of the only Picasso pieces I've seen and liked...

Paris, 2008

“L’arlequin Assis” (Seated Harlequin), 1923, Pablo Picasso.

I’m not much of a modern art guy. I just don’t get it. I think a lot of it is ridiculous, highly pretentious, and talentless. So, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this whimsical piece by Picasso (whose work I typically don’t get or value), during a day at Paris’ premier modern art museum, Le Centre Pompidou.